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Wood Chippers

FCR Wood Chipper

FCR Woodchipper

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Tractor mounted / driven CPT 130 flywheel type chipper

This machine has a capacity rating of 130mm and a tractor requirement from 30hp.
Hydraulically driven 160mm feed rolls with manual control for forward/reverse. 600mm flywheel with 2 knives and 1 counter knife. Large capacity folding intake hopper and a full 360 degree turning delivery chute. Output, depending on material is 10 – 14cu/m/hr. Weight is 450kgs. Option of a no stress auto feed system.

Rapid R-GO Compact Wood Chipper

rapid R-Go Compact wood chipper

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Compact engine driven, R-GO CV 14, 18 and 18E

This is a full professional use narrow access machine. It has a capacity rating of between 80mm and 120mm. This 310mm drum type chipper has 2 full width knives and 1 counter knife. Power comes from either 14 or 18hp V twin Vanguard petrol engine, the latter having key start option. Both the wide intake hopper and delivery chute fold for complete access to the cylinder for adjustment and maintenance. Any blockage is easily cleared by external facility to reverse the drum. Output depending on material is 5-7cu/m/hr. Weight is just 195kgs and width is 720mm allowing this chipper to go through a standard doorway and balanced for one person to push it. Options are dual wheels and a 3 point linkage kit for tractor mounting.

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